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Hello! I am a digital experience designer with years of experience designing for ecomm sites as well as interactive experiences. My goal as a designer is to help your product and brand make a strong connection to your audience through user experience best practices, and purposeful and empathic design.

Experience Design


UI / UX Project

This project re-envisions a lean and highly usable prototype for an existing parental control app, by removing "clutter" functionality and content and focusing on user's pain points.


I have conducted interviews with parents that have children between 9-16. Parents are very concerned about their children’s phone usage and they want to set clear guidelines around when and how long kids are using their smartphones. Interviews showed that parents are looking for help from technology and they want something straightforward and easy to use, and provides them a snapshot of how their kids are using the phone overtime.

Wireframing & Prototype

The re-envisioned UI got rid of the clutter that bloated the app, and created a simple and effective user flow focusing on the most important tasks, such as profile setup/edit, allowed app category selection, creating custom time frames etc. The new app also provides a very clean visual stats section, that shows weekly, monthly trends in app/phone usage.

View "Profile Settings" Demo

Results & Next Steps

The user experience and interface design improvements resulted in a much more robust and enjoyable app, that is intuitive and informative without being overwhelming. This app also has a companion child app, which currently purely functions as the control app for the child’s phone.

However there is tremendous opportunity to develop this companion app into one that promotes awareness about phone overuse and its negative consequences, and encourages the child to use their phone more responsibly through a reward system.

A Zen Soup

Branding and UI/UX project

A Zen Soup is the brand of nutritionist Allegra King, which provides essential dietary tools for clients with chronical digestive health issues. I helped A Zen Soup with the branding of their product and marketing and design needs.


A Zen Soup promotes a holistic approach to health, and provides awareness about how we can eradicate most disease by changing our diet and lifestyle. This was the starting point when I started with concept ideas for the logo.

Food and the Zen approach were the two elements that gave direction to the visual components of the logo. I chose to design different color versions of the logo, differently than how typically a brand logo would have one definite color scheme.

This idea was inspired by the fact that A Zen Soup provides a completely “customized” protocol for each client, in order to be able to address every person’s unique challenges.

Brand Identity Artifacts

I have designed their business card, promotional brochure, and their responsive WordPress website.

Responsive website

The responsive website uses the Word Press CMS to allow the company to update content on an ongoing basis. The design of the website emphasizes a clean visual language and hierarchy, and features inspirational images that emotionally connect to its audience.

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4Kids TV

UI, Illustration, Game Design

I had the pleasure of working on interactive projects created for 4Kids TV shows. These included microsites and games for TV shows such as Winx Club, Yu-Gi-Oh, Tama & Friends, Fighting Foodons, Cubix and Shaman King.

I was responsible for creating the interfaces, and flash animation. Character and environmental assets were provided by the client.

Microsite & Games for the TV show Winx Club

Winx Club is an Italian animated TV series which was licensed by 4Kids TV for the North American audience. Currently it is broadcastin over 150 countries worldwide.

I have worked alogside a creative director and a project manager, to create an engaging Winx world online. The Microsite showcased, show episodes, character pages and mini games.

Games for other TV Shows

I've designed these games based on traditional games such as "Simon Says", and memory games. "Ultimate Fighter" is a demo arcade game created for, for the series Fighting Foodons.

Shaman King Microsite

Tama Match My Friends Game

Yugioh Card Game

Best Buy Canada

Visual design & UI projects

In my role as Digital Designer at Best Buy Canada, I have worked on many projects that aimed to enhance user experience, and improve KPIs.

One of the biggest challenges of creating digital content for a big retail company is finding the balance between business needs and user needs. Making design decisions based on both qualitative and quantitative data helps towards achieving that balance.

I enjoy being part of an agile team, where as a team we can make decisions quickly, and iterate on everything we do, improving our process and results continuously.


Designed the appliances help center, which guided customers through the appliance purchase experience, that resulted in a significant drop in major appliance returns.

Designed Lego product category, with improved navigation, which resulted in increased engagement with the page , increased click through rates, and decreased bounce rate.

Helped increase revenue for Baby products category by designing social ads and event creative for online sales.

Have been, influential in design iterations during Best Buy Canada's transition into fully responsive one site, providing insights as to what business and user needs are, how designers can adapt to the new tools used in conjunction with one site, design constraints

Brands I have worked with


I love illustration!
Illustration is one of the essential ways through which we communicate ideas to the masses so it actually has great power. I especially enjoy the problem solving aspect of it, which is, in terms of process, very similar to and as challenging as design projects.

Illustration Portfolio

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